Thinmail Introduces Email-to-Phone Service
Email Messages and Attachments can now be Delivered Seamlessly to Telephones

November 1, 2001 - Sudbury, MA. Thinmail, Inc., a company that makes email more useful and more efficient, announced today the availability of the beta version of Thinphone, its email-to-phone service. Thinphone allows users to send a text message to any phone from their existing email system - combining the power and simplicity of email with the immediacy and accessibility of a telephone.

Users have the option of converting a text message to speech or playing standard audio files (.wav or .mp3) over the phone. In addition, Thinphone gives the recipient the option of replying to the sender by recording a response that is captured as a wav file - enabling two-way communication between email and telephone.

Thinphone can be used to simultaneously alert a group of people to last minute changes to an event or other time sensitive information. It is also a great tool for "calling" people from a pager or email without disrupting an ongoing meeting. Thinphone gives small and medium business and professionals the types of real-time customer interaction tools that were previously available only to large enterprises. For example, using a standard mail merge program, Thinphone users can send customized voice messages to each recipient on a list.

"Thinphone is a very useful tool that excites nearly everyone who tries it," said Thinmail CEO, David Dines. "People instantly understand how Thinphone can save them time and effort in many of their daily communications."
The service costs $.25 per minute and is available now to all Thinmail members. Non-members can join at, where they receive an initial $5.00 credit towards their Thinmail services.

About Thinmail

Thinmail, Inc.'s patent pending systems make email both more efficient and more functional. Thinmail solves the many problems caused by email attachments, such as taking hours to download, or the inability to view attachments on a wireless device. Thinmail also makes all wireless devices more functional, by enabling users to manage their identities, preview documents, forward files to fax machines and telephones - all without requiring additional or proprietary client software. The company was founded in May 1999 by Dr. Jordan B. Pollack, a world-class innovator known for his work in robotics and artificial intelligence. Thinmail went live as a network service for professionals and small business in September 2000, and is now available to Internet, wireless and email service providers to help them attract and retain customers, generate additional revenue and reduce costs.