Carl Yankowski and Abbot Gilman Join Thinmail's Advisory Board

Two Leading Enterprise and High Tech Figures Will Lend Expertise to Company That Bridges Wired and Wireless Worlds

SUDBURY, Mass., March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Carl Yankowski, former CEO of Palm, Inc, and former President & COO of Sony Electronics, Inc., and Abbot Gilman, Founder of Broadband Access Systems and a Principal in Applied Network Technology, have joined the Advisory Board of Thinmail, Inc. Thinmail's revolutionary communications platform provides access to email and rich multimedia content via phone, fax, pager, and PDA, providing many of the benefits of 3G wireless technology today.

``We are very excited and extremely pleased that Carl and Abbot have joined our Advisory Board,'' said Jordan Pollack, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Thinmail. ``Carl's experience at Palm and Sony has let him see firsthand how software impacts the value of the experience on portable devices. Abbot Gilman's knowledge and contacts in the New England telecommunications industry, coupled with his successful experience in starting and growing high tech companies, will be invaluable in helping us find the right kinds of partnerships.''

Mr. Yankowski was CEO of Palm from 1999 to 2001, engineering Palm's IPO as it spun off from 3Com, and more than doubling the company's awareness and revenue. The Palm PDA is one of the most successful business products in use today. As President and COO of all of Sony's U.S. electronics businesses from 1993 to 1998, Mr. Yankowski grew the division by $4 billion, surpassing Sony Japan. He launched CDMA digital phones in a joint venture with Qualcomm, the VAIO PC line, Digital Satellite Systems, WebTV, lithium ion batteries, and the company's digital cameras and camcorders. He has also held high-level management positions at Reebok, Polaroid Corporation, Cadbury Schweppes, General Electric, Pepsico, and Memorex.

Mr. Yankowski said, ``I am really excited about Thinmail. It defies the conventional logic of needing more and more bandwidth, and makes wireless communications on handheld computers nearly as powerful as desktops, without having to wait for the mythical 3G.''

Abbot L. Gilman is currently a private investor and advisor to emerging technology companies and venture funds. Mr. Gilman was a Founder, Director and Chief Operating Officer of Broadband Access Systems, Inc., a private company that was acquired by ADC Telecommunications, Inc. in September, 2000. Prior to co-founding BAS, Mr. Gilman was a Principal and Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Applied Network Technology, Inc., which was acquired by FORE Systems in May of 1995. Mr. Gilman has also been involved in two other companies, still private. Following the acquisition at FORE Systems, as Director of Marketing, he successfully launched Fore's Ethernet Switch. Mr. Gilman spent 17 years at Digital Equipment Corporation.

``As the new wireless technologies, such as 3G and 4G, continue to rollout at a snail's pace, Thinmail's bridging technology is a real opportunity, enabling carriers to offer advanced data services to their customers today.'' Mr. Gilman said.

About Thinmail

Thinmail markets a unique technology platform that provides storage and application services to communications on the go, bridging the digital divide between broadband, dialup, and wireless technologies. It enables the multimedia content of email to be cached, managed, and redirected from anywhere. Thinmail(TM) permits the delivery of large files to anyone, regardless of their bandwidth, and the receipt of email with no delays due to attached files. Thinfax® permits the printing of most kinds of documents on any fax machine, and Thinphone(TM) lets any email system make telephone calls and get voice response. Thinmail allows simple text devices to receive large files, such as Powerpoints and PDF's, forward them and print them to any fax machine, and play MP3 files out any telephone.

Thinmail is a privately held, Massachusetts-based company dedicated to creating value by radically improving the availability of email with rich media content beyond office workstations to all thin devices. In addition to its benefits to individual users, Thinmail's products enable many service providers to offer enhanced communication services while lowering the costs of infrastructure.

CEO David Dines has 18 years of technology management experience and was a well-known telecommunications industry market analyst at Aberdeen Group. Dr. Jordan Pollack, Founder and CTO, is a well known computer science professor at Brandeis University, who also served as chief scientist at Abuzz, and was named one of MIT Technology Review's ``TR 10'' in 2001. VP and Chief Software Architect Jeremy Gilbert was an Ecommerce Project Leader at Genuity, and has a background in engineering, operations and security.

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