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Thinmail® is a Middleware Service Platform based on a patented method of transmitting files as digital rights encoded in private hyperlinks. Or, put another way, we make attachments work in limited bandwidth situations, such as on pagers and cell-phones. You may not be able to view the powerpoint from a little screen, but you can print it immediately to the hotel or restaurant fax machine.

Thinmail's platform opened a creative framework for the development of numerous communication and storage applications, on your own files, triggered by email commands, with great usefulness and efficiency:

· Unlimited Storage by the Byteyear®
· Thinfax® Email to Fax
· Thinphone® Email (text-to-speech) to phone
· Identity Management
· Forwarding, Transcoding, Text Extraction, and more

However, as of December, 2008, our services are no longer available direct to the public. Please contact us for wholesale partnering opportunities.