About Thinmail       

In the mobile and wireless domain, devices will always lack the bandwidth, storage, multimedia, or office applications to be competitive with the evolving desktop. Using Thinmail today, any text messaging device can receive large files, preview them, forward them, print them to fax, and play audio files on any telephone.

By solving the file problem correctly, Thinmail creates a bridge between internet and telephone, making intermodal interoperability a reality, creating true wireline, wireless, broadband, and dialup convergence, enabling a dramatic network effect.

Since its founding in 1999 with limited access to capital, Thinmail has delivered and continuously been improving a sophisticated, scaleable middleware platform to efficiently manage the digital content associated with messaging, and redirecting messages and files to many kinds of devices. Thinmail's unique rich and efficient messaging solutions have lead to the introduction of many products and services:

  • THINMAIL® provides e-document delivery and web-based and wireless file management.
  • THINPHONE™ allows the forwarding of text-to-speech and audio files to telephones.
  • THINFAX® enables the printing of files to fax machines, even wirelessly since our links behave like email attachments.
  • MOBCALL™ enables push button instant mobile teleconferencing.
  • MIGHTYPAGER™ is a brand of Thinmail for the metropolitan pager market
  • MDINE provides email addresses to restaurants to terminate on fax machines.
  • CALLBACKFORM™ provides simple HTML forms to call or fax information into existing workflow.
  • THINPHOTO™ is a means of delivering cameraphone photos to any telephone

Thinmail has been selling services since September 2000 to hundreds of customers, and is now concentrating on distribution and partnerships for larger deployments of our proven solutions.

What the Press says

Wireless Week

"Ideal for online wireless devices that currently struggle with slow data speeds. In the future, as wireless becomes a bigger market for email, customers can also use the service to trim airtime costs.

Technology Review

"[Thinmail] created a system to automatically strip attachments from email, replacing them with a Web link... It could change the way people use Palm Pilots, cell phones and other mobile devices to check e-mail.

NY Times

"[Thinmail] provides users of wireless devices with an intelligent electronic assistant capable of tasks like translating documents into simple text and diverting bulky attachments to fax machines."

PC Magazine

"FOUR STARS: A useful utility for road warriors: E-mail text-to-phone would let me tell a colleague who wasn't near a PC that I was running late"

Wireless Review

"Thinmail acts as a gatekeeper, intercepting big, bit-hogging attachments before they reach a device and giving the customer choices on how to view them. A user could print a spreadsheet at a nearby fax machine, turn a PDF file into a hyperlink that is viewable on any Internet-enabled PC, or send a message-turned-speech file to voice mail."

Raleigh News-Observer

"Great ideas are both surprising and natural. They leave you wondering why you didn't come up with them yourself -- which is how I felt when I ran into Thinphone, a way to leverage Internet communications into a multiperson telephone messaging service. It's cheap, it's effective, and it saves plenty of time for anyone with a message to send."

What our customers say


What a neat service! Like magic, our car and truck alarms now make instant text-to-speech phonecalls instead of sending email, or taking many valuable minutes to get through to human operators.

Gary Woodward, President

This is the best add-on to my BlackBerry I could have ever imagined. I especially like the email to telephone feature. Keep up the great progress!

James LeFrak, Vice President
The Lefrak Organization

In the past, I have wasted more time waiting on the telephone to give prescriptions to the pharmacist. NOW, finally I can fax them from my handheld in a matter of moments. Thinfax is an incredible service!

Dr. Garland S. Novosad, DDS

We tell our Executive Candidates to only send their resumes using Thinmail, which automatically previews word documents and turns them into hyperlinks. It is as easy as email, yet much more polite, saves space, and protects against viruses. What a great service!

Clark Waterfall, Principal
Boston Search Group

More than 70% of my emails contain WORD attachments. It is clear to me that the value of my BlackBerry™ handheld would be significantly reduced without the added ability to convert WORD documents to readable text. I recently got two new BlackBerry handheld users to use THINMAIL, and they love it too.

Jack Kaye, Partner
Deloitte & Touche