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Device Help

Thinmail has been successfully deployed on Palm OS devices (VIIs, 705, Palm V/Omnisky, Visorphones and Treo), all BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds™ (with both BlackBerry Enterprise Edition™ and BlackBerry Internet Edition™), all Motorola Pagers (Pagewriters, Timeports, Talkabouts) from Arch, Skytel, Weblinkwireless and others, and cellphones equipped with two-way email messaging, like the Nokia communicator and Hiphop, where you can receive an MP3 file in email, and forward it to your own phone. We love to hear stories about other devices. These are practical tips for different devices used with Thinmail.

Palm Vii

Thinmail works perfectly from IMESSENGER. You can forward all your mail to Imessenger (palm.net) via thinmail, and be able to selectively block senders (e.g. of newsletters and spam).

Set the "reply-to" preference to your desktop address, and Thinmail will automatically make messages appear to come from that address. You can change the masquerade dynamically in a message by changing the reply-to address.

Set up "shortcuts" (under system, preferences) to your common thinmail commands like "ml" for ".ml.to", "F" for "Fax@thinmail.net", and "Tx" as Txt@thinmail.net. If enough users ask, we will deliver a PRC which toggles the adding of "ml.to" to all the addresses in the phonebook.

Because the Palm has a "cut and paste" feature, it is easy to use the "list@thinmail.net" to get lists of files, and save them as "memos" for future beaming.

Many of Thinmail's features also work within POP polling applications which forward attachments like THINAIR and webmail PQA's like yahoo and aol anywhere. TOP

BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds™

If you are using the BlackBerry™ wireless email solution with desktop or enterprise server software, you can forward mail with attachments to our robotic services like fax@thinmail.com and text@thinmail.com, because BlackBerry uses "hidden" attachments.

You can upload files by mailing them to your thinmail account, and then use the list@thinmail.com and the get@thinmail.com commands to retrieve files for forwarding.

If you have a BlackBerry handheld with an address from Gomail, Skytel, Bellsouthips, RCN, Aether, Earthlink, or another provider, i.e. one which isn't integrated into your desktop or exchange server, simply forward to the handheld address through Thinmail.

Contact your system administrator if you are using Lotus Notes® or Microsoft® Exchange for server level, rather than desktop level forwarding. See our Advanced help for more information on forwarding from unix and webmail accounts.

It is a complicated process to integrate Thinmail "under" the BlackBerry enterprise solution. There are two ways (for advanced Techies only). The first is to set up a conditional forward of all mail, which does not have a "X-Thinmail" header, through Thinmail back into the account. A second method is to set up two email accounts, such that one forwards via Thinmail to a second, which is then "synchronized" with the BlackBerry handheld.

BlackBerry is a complete wireless email solution. For users with BlackBerry software prior to version 2.1, cut and paste is not an available function, and messages cannot be edited when forwarded. We implemented the "split@thinmail.com" command specifically for BlackBerry. It takes a list of attachments, and returns individual messages with one attachment each. TOP

Motorola Two-Way Pagers

The Pagewriter 2000, the Timeport 935 and the Talkabout 900 are very popular devices for text messaging. Thinmail enables your real email address, real subjects, and virtual email attachments, so no one will know you are not at the office!

Most implementations force you to use a new address which reveals your paging number. We recommend using a Thinmail.net address to forward some or all of your mail to the device. The sender will show up with ".ml.to" at the end of their address, and when you reply, the message travels through Thinmail, which will replace the device address with either your thinmail.net address or another of your valid email addresses.

Of course, if the subject on all your pager email is "message from a two-way pager", you can include "!!s subject" in the body of the message to add a real subject.

Note that it is hard to type certain symbols with these devices. You must "shift", "space," then use the cursor to get the desired character, then hit "enter" again! We have added a feature which converts two commas into carriage returns, to improve the email from this device. You need to turn on this feature under "sending preferences" in the "manage identities" area of your profile. TOP

Nextel and other SMS and Smart Phones

Even though these devices are so very limited, if they can send and receive text email, thinmail can improve them with: Real email address, Subjects, Carriage Returns, and Virtual Attachments! Beaming a document from your phone to a fax machine is an impressive feat of magic.

Email from your phone can arrive with a weird email address like "twoway.33322233@messaging.nextel.com"! A thinmail.net account is better than giving out your phone number with every email you send!

If you give out a thinmail.net address to forward to your phone, the sender's address will show up with ".ml.to" on the end, so your replies will go through thinmail, and we can cover up the phone's email address with another email of your choice. Please make sure you know the exact address the phone sends and receives email as before signing up. (And make sure to put ".ml.to" on all the addresses you originate, or the masquerading feature will not be accessed.)

Some phone's send a default subject with email and don't allow you to enter a subject. You can use !!s to establish a subject in the body of the message. Because there is no carriage return on the T9 Keyboard, you can enable ",," to behave as a carriage return on mail sent via Thinmail (under "manage Identities/sending preferences")

So, if you can send "!!s *.doc" to list@thinmail.com, you can get some URL's which you can forward or fax to others.

If you cannot edit or add subjects to forwarded messages, you can fax virtual attachments to 1234567890@thinfax.com.

Any WAP or POP email solution in a smartphone which forwards attachments can also take advantage of Thinmail's fax and text solutions. And It is easy to take one of your email addresses, and forward through thinmail to another of your email addresses so when you use your smartphone you have access to your documents. TOP

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