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Thinmail is invisible, powerful and simple to use. Thinmail has built a services platform running 24x7 on both the internet and the telecommunications network. Thinmail intelligently processes, reformats, and redirects messages in real time, integrating a networked file system with powerful tools for document management, identity, mobility and efficient communications. Thinmail makes a simple pager or email-phone as powerful as a desktop computer, and removes the friction between broadband, dialup, and wireless. You can:

  • Send large files which arrive as polite hyperlinks.
  • Send email messages and documents to any fax machine.
  • Send email and play MP3 & WAV files on Telephones.
  • Receive email on a wireless device, with access to the attached files
  • Manage the files stored in your Thinmail workspace by web or by email command
  • Gain absolute control over your email identities.
  • Convert WORD documents to text.

Sending Thinmail

Members can send files as private links to anyone.Here's how: If you want to send email to friend@anywhere.com simply add .ml.to at the end of his email address, so that it becomes friend@anywhere.com.ml.to

There is nothing to download or install! Just use your email program as usual. The receiver gets your message with any attachment converted to a downloadable, private link, which is embedded in the message.

Email to Fax

Members can send email to 1234567890@Thinfax.com and the email will print on a fax machine. You can send to multiple fax machines as part of an email list.

Email to Phone

Members can send email to 1234567890@Thinphone.com and the phone will ring, and the message will be read by state-of-the-art text-to-speech. You can add audio attachments, dial extensions, and send to multiple phones at once

A Thinmail Address

Mail sent to yourname@thinmail.net will be immediately forwarded to any address you choose, and can be changed anytime. This is more powerful and faster than other forwarding services because attachments are turned into URL's, making your mail thin.

Identity Services

Thinmail lets you validate multiple email addresses, from home, work, web, and various wireless devices, and access your files from any of them and change your FROM address between them anytime. When you send mail through Thinmail, the system can replace the "FROM" address with the REPLY-TO address, letting you present the professional address you want from any device.

File Management Website

The files you send and receive via Thinmail create a dynamic workspace, a private webdrive which you can manage from email or from our complete web interface which has been optimized for YOUR efficiency, not for selling your eyeballs to others. 

Context Sensitive Help