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Thinmail Tips

Thinmail power comes from a few simple ideas: Turning files into private web pages, managing those files using remote control, and redirecting them wherever you want, using whatever identity you want. It turns any simple device into a complete multimedia communications center. Here are some ideas of using Thinmail power

  1. Thinning E-Faxes
  2. Opening WORD attachments
  3. Upload Once. Send Again and Again!
  4. The Evaporating Business Card
  5. But I want files in my Inbox
  6. File Cabinet in the Sky
  7. Send greeting cards by telephone
  8. What, No microphone?
  9. Surf and Search by email.
  10. Let your webpage call you

Thinning E-faxes

There are various electronic fax receiving services which will give you a number near your town. Whenever someone faxes something to that number, you will receive an email attachment.

By using your Thinmail.net address (or your@real.address.ML.TO) to
receive the electronic fax, you solve three problems:

1) You don't get random large files clogging your inbox.
2) You can "Thinfax" the Thinmail link to any fax machine.
3) You can delay, ignore, or delete unknown faxes.

There are many such "Fax to Email" services, Jfax, Easylink, Faxcube, at various price points. www.efax.com even offers a free fax to email service. You have to read their site map to find the free service, and pay attention to the sign up process not to get derailed. By registering your computer as "Linux" you can receive TIFF instead of a proprietary format, and can use thinmail to forward the tif file to any fax machine.    TOP

Opening WORD attachments.

Sometimes you get a mail from a stranger with a Word document that you actually might want to read! But you know every Word document contains a risk of viruses. Sometimes a word document slips into a mailing list that you expected in Text only. Simply mail the file or a Thinmail link to Text@thinmail.com to get the text extracted and mailed back.   TOP

Upload Once. Send Again and Again!

Every file you send or receive via Thinmail, from work, home, or wireless, is stored in your own personal "Thindrive". You can recover the link to your files by sending email to "list@thinmail.com" with a filename or wildcard expression as the subject:

* lists all files
*.doc lists all files ending in doc
new* lists all files beginning with "new"
*mac* lists all files which have "mac" in their name.

The system sends back links to maching files. By including the link you want in an email to anyone@anywhere.com.ml.to, you enable them to read the file.

So, if you Thinmailed a big file from home (or work) you can grab the
link from work (or home) and send the file again and again without downloading or uploading.   

The Evaporating Business Card

Have you ever regretted giving out your business card to someone, only to get spammed with bad jokes or old news? Well, if you'd used your USERID@THINMAIL.NET you can stop them with a simple email message!

Simply send a message to BLOCK@thinmail.com with the offender's email address as the SUBJECT, or forward a Thinmail link they sent you. You can also manage your Block List (per identity) from this web page.  

It is like giving out a business card you can take back! TOP

But I want files in my inbox!

It turns out that we don't want most unsolicited attachments in our inbox, but from sometimes you receive a message with a Thinmail link but you would
rather have the file itself in your Inbox.

Simply forward the message to GET@THINMAIL.COM - the system looks
for our links in the message and sends you the files as regular attachments.

If there are people you really trust to sent attachments you want in your mailbox, using a "rules wizard" you can automatically forward messages from them containing Thinmail links to GET automatically.  TOP

File Cabinet in the Sky

Did you know you can store a file in your Thinmail workspace simply by mailing it as an attachment to Your@real.address.ML.TO (or your thinmail.net account)?

So, if you CC: or BCC: Thinmail with "hot" files, like a Resume, Business Plan, or even Sales Literature, you can get at the files wherever you have web or email access, even wirelessly from a pager. TOP

Send greeting cards by telephone

At holiday time you really should touch base with ALL your relatives and old friends and colleagues. You just don't have time to spend talking with each one, or to write, address, and stamp dozens of cards. And online cards are very last year.

Now, instead of feeling guilty, you can use THINPHONE to send audio greeting cards, even to relatives without computers!

To send a message in your own voice just follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Create an audio file in 8Kbs WAV format.
2) Thinmail it to yourself (to upload it and get a link)
3) Phone up your greeting to everyone you want by emailing the link to their telephones.   

What, No microphone?

Here is a quick way to make a voice recording if your computer or device is lacking a microphone. Email a short message to your OWN telephone number @Thinphone.com.

When it rings, answer it! After the message, press "2" to record a response,
and press "#" when you are done, then hang up.

Presto! You will get a WAV file in your email.   TOP

Let your webpage call you!

Thinmail has a new benefit for our customers. It is especially useful for small and mobile businesses and departments with limited internet access.

Now you can put a HTML form on your web page (for ordering, customer inquiries, etc) and when the form is submitted, the information is delivered to YOU by phone or fax, in addition to email. So you can respond immediately to issues rather than waiting to get the email. For full details, check out Http://www.callbackform.com   TOP

Surf and Search by email.

If you like Thinmail's services by email, you may also like the services of
www.Grabpage.org. Send an email to "page@grabpage.org" and include any desired webpage in the subject, like this:

URL: http://www.thinmail.com/help_faq.htm

and it will "grab" the web "page" and return it as text email. If your
email client lets you click on links, use a subject like this:

HTML: http://www.thinmail.com/about.htm

Finally, page@Grabpage.org also lets you search the web by email! It passes your search keywords to GOOGLE and sends results by email when you use a subject like this:

SEARCH: inbox diet

The results you get back from Grabpage can be printed using Thinfax.  TOP

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