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Managing Documents Through Email

Through email, from any of your validated addresses, you can list your files, retrieve, fax, phone, forward, block, delete, view a text preview, and manage spam. Additionally, there are email options which help with less functional devices, such as two-way pagers. The Thinmail robot performs all of these functions and sends out the requested document in the correct format in seconds. Although you can use email to manage documents from your computer, the email robot is especially useful for thin device users who lack complete web browsers.

Our commands like Fax and Text work equally on real email attachments, and on our Virtual attachments (thinfiles) which look like URL's: http://www.thinmail.com/v/832-fe3/file.name.

You can "upload" documents by thinmailing the attachments to yourself. Remember these are not public web pages, but secure keys to your files. The robot will only accept commands on files from your validated email addresses.

Note: An easy way to manage your documents through email is to first get a list of your documents (list@thinmail.com). Then you can copy and paste the URLs into any email to fax, forward delete, etc.

For each function, there is a unique email address:

If you want to: Use this email address Procedure
Use Email to Fax

fax@thinmail.com (with 10digit number as subject)



  • Type a 10 digit phone number in the subject line of the email
  • Include the Thinmail URL for the file(s) you want to fax into the body of the message, or attach a file.
  • If you want to add a message to the Thinmail file being faxed, type it into the body section of the message. This will be added to your fax as a cover sheet.
Send Email to a Telephone

phone@thinmail.com (with number in subject)



  • The email message will be turned from text to speech and played out the telephone.
  • extensions can be dialed by using "P" for pause in the number
  • If there is a DOC, TXT, WAV, or MP3 attachment (or link) it will be played instead.
Forward a Thinmail document Anyone@any.com.ml.to
  • Include the Thinfile(s) you want to into the body of the message or attach files, and send it to anyone "through" Thinmail.
Block email from specific senders



  • In the subject line, type or paste in the email address you want to block. You can also forward a Thinfile, and we will block the sender. Block will block to one email address while spam will block the sender from all your addresses
Delete files from your workspace



  • Forward the Thinfile(s) you want to delete. They will be moved to the "trash" category for deletion in 24 hours.
  • To change the expiration date on a file, forward it to "Keep@thinmail.com" with a date expression like "one year" or "2 months" as subject
Retrieve a File Get@thinmail.com
  • Forward the Thinfile(s) you want and they will come back as real attachments
Separate multiple Thinmail links into separate emails Split@thinmail.com
  • For simple devices without cut and paste, this command breaks a list of thinfiles into individual messages.
Get help messages Help@thinmail.com
  • Returns a help message
Get a list of your workspace documents List@thinmail.com
  • If you want a complete list of the documents in your workspace, you do not need to type anything into the subject line or body of the message.
  • If you want a list of only selected file types in your workspace, specify a "wildcard" in the subject line. For example, type in *.doc to receive all MS Word files.
Convert files to text Text@thinmail.com
  • Forward the files or links you want to receive as text, and the robot will mail back the text (DOC, HTML, TXT).


Address book problem?

Since some devices make it tedious to add our Email robot commands to an address book (Fax@thinmail.com, Txt@thinmail.com, List@thinmail.com), We will shortly have available a general address, Robot@thinmail.com", which processes any other command given as subject, e.g. like "Fax 8005551212" or "List *.ppt".

Subject Problem?

Some pagers from Motorola insert a subject like "Mail from a two-way phone." To add a subject to a message, include a line "!!S subject".

Reply-to Problem?

Certain phones and pagers send mail from "twoway.8005551212@messaging.nextel.com" revealing your cellphone whenever you send email. Thinmail already allows you to masquerade with your own email address, or to assert another identity using 'Reply-to".

But some devices do not allow you to add "reply-to". Thinmail will recognize the line "!!R address" in the body of the message, and promote it to "from".

Carriage Return Problem?

Some devices with T9 keyboard do not allow you to add a "carriage return" to a message, so the email is one big paragraph. So we've added a feature (enabled under sending preferences
per identity) which converts ",," to a carriage return.

Context Sensitive Help